Cooperation and Projects

EARSeL’s participation in projects:
EARSeL is a non-governmental and non-profit organization founded as an association of remote sensing laboratories. Its purpose and tasks are only to associate scientific laboratories and to organize their meetings and/or exchange scientific knowledge of individual members and even non-members. EARSeL can serve as a subcontractor of an EARSeL laboratory member for project results disseminations (sessions of symposia and/or workshops, articles in Newsletter, report of web pages, apps available from web pages, etc.). None of the Bureau members are eligible to be financed by any project budgets where EARSeL is a subcontractor. The EARSeL Bureau can express its support for a project proposal/submission by an official letter of recommendation.

EARSeL has been involved in the projects entitled PROBA-V, geoland2, and SEOS, which are presented below.


Project title: FM@PROBA-V
Forest Cover Change Monitoring with PROBA-V: Potentials and Limitations on European Terrain


Funding organisation: Belgian Science Policy, Brussels, Belgium
Project duration: December 2010 – October 2012
EARSeL contribution: Participation in the following activities:
– Support of project co-ordination
– Quantification of accuracy enhancement of European forest cover mapping
– Evaluation of forest cover classification methods
– Mapping the impacts of events on forests
Internet: PROBA-V IUC website
Contact persons: Ioannis Manakos, Rainer Reuter (replace (at) with @)
Further reading: Jean-Christoph Schyns: Proba Vegetation Mission. Data Continuity for Daily Global Vegetation Monitoring. EAhttp://rainer.reuter(at)earsel.orgRSeL Symposium 2010. Manuscript Presentation FM@PROBA-V Flyer, Feb 2011

Project title:
geoland2 – Supporting the Monitoring, Protection and Sustainable Management of our Environment


Funding organisation: European Commission FP7, Brussels, Belgium
Project duration: February 2009 – January 2013
EARSeL contribution: Organisation of a science platform:
– Dissemination of project results
– Organisation of external European reviewing for processing and validation tasks
– Cross-cutting tasks
– Organisation of scientific workshops and meetings
Internet: geoland2 website
Contact persons: Ioannis Manakos (replace (at) with @)

Project title:
Science Education through Earth Observation for High Schools


Funding organisation: European Commission FP6, Brussels, Belgium
Project duration: August 2007 – October 2009; upgrading of e-learning tutorials will continue.
EARSeL contribution:
– Project co-ordination
– Realisation of 15 e-learning tutorials and a Learning Management System
– Organisation of scientific workshops
– Dissemination of project results
Internet: SEOS project website with links to Learning Management System and e-learning tutorials
Contact persons: Rainer Reuter (replace (at) with @)