Advances in Remote Sensing

ISSN 1017-4613

EARSeL Advances in Remote Sensing is a peer-reviewed journal of the European Association of Remote Sensing Laboratories, published for the first time in 1991. The journal was printed with three or four issues per volume. Each issue focuses on a particular theme, which had been analysed and discussed among international experts within a workshop or other special event organised by EARSeL. The publication was discontinued in 1997.

Since 2001, EARSeL eProceedings is the peer-reviewed journal of the association, published on the internet as an open access journal.

Vol. 5
Yearbook 1997

Vol. 4
Issue 1, Sep 1995: Remote Sensing and GIS for Coastal Zone Management
Issue 2, Oct 1995: Topography from Space
Issue 3, Dec 1995: Satellite Technology and GIS for Mediterranean Forest Mapping and Fire Management
Issue 4, Nov 1996: Remote Sensing and GIS Applications for Forest Fire Management

Vol. 3
Issue 1, Sep 1994: SAR Interferometry
Issue 2, Dec 1994: Remote Sensing of Sea Ice
Issue 3, July 1995: Lidar Remote Sensing of Land and Sea

Vol. 2
Issue 1, Jan 1993: Microwave Imaging and Related Techniques
Issue 2, Jun 1993: Remote Sensing Applied to Agrometeorology
Issue 3, Nov 1993: Integration of Remote Sensing Data and GIS in Less-Favoured Areas

Vol. 1
Issue 1, Feb 1991: Imaging Spectroscopy
Issue 2, Feb 1992: Lidar Remote Sensing of Land and Sea
Issue 3, July 1992: Relationship of Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems